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ONEYE is an installation company that works across Ontario to change and simplify your everyday life by delivering innovative building automation and developing a custom and simple platform to control it. We combine a full range of smart devices that can be controlled on their own or through one or several devices by clicking a button. ONEYE works with a number of top brands suppliers in the industry to guarantee the warranty and satisfaction of our clients.

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a large range of home automation services, witch includes: Lighting Control, Security Systems, Remote Access, Climate Control, Integrate camera, Home Energy Management and Monitoring. All of these services are managed through a single platform that is easy to use and built individually for your needs.


is always what we run off and we need it more than money. So, let ONEYE set the temperature, light, curtains, turn on the music, make your coffee and even open the door while you driving home. It is not a shame to say that ONEYE is the new company in Canadian market because new technologies are being developed daily, and we should go along with them.

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